Awaken Your Money Story and Flourish Beyond Your Finances

~ Majestic Ballroom ~

We invite you to join Shaun Maslyk, financial planner, and RootHub, music creator/community builder, in a unique opportunity for experiential learning and reflective practice as they blend music therapy interventions with financial psychology, intending to spark curiosity to examine our money stories in a deeper and more meaningful way.  

Through a multi-disciplinary integrative approach, this presentation will use our money stories as a portal into the unexamined parts of our lives. Using leading research grounded in human behaviour change, financial psychology, and human flourishing. We will explore a financial flourishing continuum, which allows us to evaluate our own money stories.  Concepts and practical ideas will be introduced, moving us from the micro to macro perspective, peeling away the complex layers of our “old scripts” to better understand who we were and who we want to become—aligning actions with our values.