The interdisciplinary nature of financial therapy and the diverse professional backgrounds represented in our membership contribute immensely to the vibrancy of the FTA community. Our members are psychologists, marriage & family therapists, social workers, financial planners, accountants, counselors & coaches, students and academics, and we promote the research and study of financial health and training. 

We are building a community of financial therapy professionals, and provide a forum to share research and practice methods and models, and inform policy and practice management standards.


Members of the Financial Therapy Association (FTA) are actively engaged in the development and advancement of financial therapy. The FTA aims to:


Here is a glimpse at our history and foundation.

A group of individuals from around the United States met for a one-day “Financial Therapy Forum” in Garden Grove, California.


The Financial Therapy Association(FTA) was officially recognized as a non-profit Kansas Corporation.


Volume 1, Issue 1 of The “Journal of Financial Therapy” was published.


The first Financial Therapy Association Annual Conference was held on the campus of Kansas State University.


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