Elementor #6505

Financial Therapy Gets Personal – Addressing Your Hidden Money-Triggers Friday, October 6 | 9:00 am – 9:50 am | Providence 1 This workshop will assist financial therapists in identifying our most difficult financial biases, money scripts, and traumas, which can be challenging to recognize since they are often buried deep within our psyche. The exercise […]

Elementor #6492

How Being You Impacts Your Work: A Live Demonstration of Person of the Therapist Genogram Exploration Thursday, October 5 | 4:30 pm – 5:20 pm | Providence 3 This presentation showcases a component of financial therapy work derived from The Person-of-the-Therapist-Training (POTT) Model. The POTT Model emphasizes therapists’ need to learn how to use their […]

Money & Relationships: How Our Money Relationship Effect’s Our Mental Health ~ Vail ~ A personal relationship with money is defined differently for everyone. Money relationships differ not only from person to person but also from culture to culture. These relationships are attributed to financial learned external and internal, which can be defined by behavioral […]

Awaken Your Money Story and Flourish Beyond Your Finances ~ Majestic Ballroom ~ We invite you to join Shaun Maslyk, financial planner, and RootHub, music creator/community builder, in a unique opportunity for experiential learning and reflective practice as they blend music therapy interventions with financial psychology, intending to spark curiosity to examine our money stories in a […]

Body Language ~ Columbine ~ Much information is transmitted with body language and may not be observed or can get ignored. The infromation the body gives can be critical information in the financial therapy process . Exploring ways to effectivlely read and use the body language to create greater client successes with money will be […]

Rescripting Money Scripts ~ Majestic Ballroom ~ Adding to the groundbreaking work on Money Scripts of Klontz and Kahler in 2007, this presentation takes a look at updating how trauma impacts the emotional system and forms money scripts. Usually at the core of each money script is a good intention to protect unfinished business around […]

Exploring the role of financial socialization on financial planning students: A thematic analysis The presentation introduces an exercise that can help financial planning students explore how their experiences around money have influenced their own psychology regarding money. The idea is that through self-exploration, students will feel more comfortable connecting with their own financial situation as […]

Familial Identity Theft In 2021, nearly 42 million U.S. residents were identity theft victims (Terrell, 2022). Nearly one-third of victims had their identity stolen by a relative (LaDue, 2016). This type of identity theft is known as familial identity theft.  Limited prior research has focused on this type of identity theft.  This study utilized a […]

The Role of Self-Efficacy in Personal Finance for Women Veterans Women veterans may be statistically disadvantaged to their respective male and civilian counterparts in behavioral personal finance (i.e., saving and investing), and may lack important psychological traits for success in personal finance, such as belief in one’s ability for financial success. Self-efficacy may be an effective […]

An interactive demonstration on how you can use technology to facilitate financial education for BIPOC communities grounded in cultural humility ~ Majestic Ballroom ~ Our presentation will focus on a financial education program designed and implemented virtually in a BIPOC community for adolescents and young adults in New York. The program integrates techniques from financial therapy […]