2021 Conference

Registration is now open for our 2021 Conference!

Financial Well-Being For You
and Your Community

Integrating Financial Self-Care to Achieve Total Wellness for All
Virtual | November 8-9, 2021
2021 Conference Registration
Now Open!

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Conference Call for Proposals

FTA is very excited to announce the call for presentations for our 2021 conference! This year’s conference will be held virtually on November 8-9, 2021. This past year has brought sharply into focus the need to promote mental, financial, and relational well-being. The current atmosphere of fear, isolation, political divide, and acts of violence is affecting mental and financial well-being in ongoing ways we are yet to fully understand.

This year’s conference is an opportunity for members of academia, mental health, and financial professions to come together to share, listen, learn, and cultivate meaningful and robust discussions in our shared passion for financial therapy and well-being.


The goal of this year’s conference is to identify, address, and promote financial self-care and well-being practices. Presenters are invited to facilitate a session that helps attendees define concepts of financial self-care, integrate these frameworks into their practices, and elevate the level of financial self-care of individuals. Presentations that integrate financial self-care with behavioral, cognitive, emotional, or relational aspects are of particular interest.