2024 Conference
May 16-18, 2024
San Diego, California

Financial Therapy for All: Across Cultures, Across Generations

In-Person | May 16-18, 2024
San Diego, California

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Call for Proposals

Call for FTA 2024 Conference Presentations! 

Due January 31, 2024

The FTA is very excited to announce the call for presentations for our 2024 conference! This year’s conference will be held on May 16-18, 2024, in San Diego, CA, at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla Aventine Hotel. Our conference theme is “Financial Therapy For All: Across Cultures, Across Generations.”

This year’s carefully selected theme was inspired by the recognition that we live in a global society. The theory and practice of financial therapy is being advanced all around the world in a diverse set of contexts. By taking an international perspective as we learn from each other, and share our findings, we are all enriched.

Our theme underscores the crucial need for inclusive and culturally attuned financial therapy. Financial therapy should be adaptable, accessible, and relevant to all. To realize this vision, we must first comprehend what it means to be culturally and generationally informed and further understand what we, as practitioners, need to know and understand to succeed in creating a genuinely inclusive financial therapy practice. Cultural and generational narratives profoundly influence our financial habits and attitudes. In today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, it is imperative to possess tools and approaches accessible and applicable to everyone, regardless of background or age.

Who Should Submit

Persons interested in the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, economic, and integrative aspects of financial health and well-being. Mental health and financial professionals, academics, scholars, and students in the practice, research, or in scholarly pursuit of financial therapy and financial therapy related topics. All topics related to financial therapy are welcome.

FTA recognizes that economic disparity and systemic racism, prevalent in our society, are barriers to achieving mental and financial well-being. FTA is committed to minimizing these barriers through advancing diversity and equity in our practice with clients/patients, research, and within our organization. We welcome and invite all people regardless of race, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability to participate, speak, or attend this year’s conference.

Target Dates:

  • Submission of conference proposals due by January 31, 2024 extended to February 9.
    • Accepted proposal authors will be notified of acceptance by February 29, 2024.
    • Submission for Outstanding Conference Paper Award competition due by April 1, 2024.
    • At least ONE author will need to CONFIRM their acceptance by April 1, 2024.
    • At least ONE author will need to REGISTER by April 1, 2024
    • Notification for Outstanding Conference Paper Award by April 20, 2024.

Types of Submissions

Any topic related to the following topics.

  • Cultural diversity and competence
  • Cultivating resiliency
  • Financial therapy modalities
  • Application of financial therapy research
  • Financial therapy skills, interventions, and exercises
  • Financial well-being
  • Connection with self & Connection with others
  • Self-of-the-Financial Therapist
  • Money & relationships
  • Behavioral economics
  • Education programming
  • Sound financial management practice
  • Ethical and professional standards of practice

Pre Conference Workshop

Keys to a Flourishing Financial Therapy Practice

Thursday, May 16, 2024
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine

Must complete a separate registration from Conference to attend
$199 for Conference Attendees
$249 for Non Conference Attendees
$99 for Full Time Students (please email admin@financialtherapyasociation.org to request discount code)


Unlock the keys to a flourishing financial therapy practice with our exclusive 3-hour workshop tailored for financial therapist practitioners. Delve into the intricate world of business entity selection, taxation nuances, and bookkeeping essentials, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the external requirements of running a successful financial therapy practice. But it doesn’t stop there – our workshop goes beyond the surface, guiding you through exploring personal money scripts and emotions that might hinder your progress in building a thriving financial business. Gain a profound understanding of your Internal Financial System™, identifying and addressing the areas of growth needed for personal and professional success. Walk away not only with the knowledge to elevate your practice but also with a heightened awareness of the internal factors that shape your financial therapy journey. Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to empower your practice and personal financial well-being.

Rick Kahler, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, CeFT®, CIFSP, is a pioneer in integrating financial planning and psychology. Rick is one of the pioneers of financial therapy and recognized for his pioneering work in that field by InvestmentNews in 2019 with their annual Innovator Award and in 2018 by the Insiders Forum with their annual Iconoclast award. He is a founding board member and Past-Chair of the Financial Therapy Association. H is a Certified Financial Therapist-Level I (CFT-I™) and a Certified Internal Family SystemsSM Practitioner (CIFSP). He is also the founder of IFS Informed Financial Therapy™.

BusinessWeek named him one of the top 15 most experienced financial planners in the nation and Investopedia as one of the 100 most influential financial advisors. He is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University and a past chairman of the South Dakota Investment Council, managing $6 billion,

He’s been cited in scores of periodicals, including ABC News, NBC, CNBC, Fox Business, The WSJ, The Times of London, and The New York Times.  He is in his 32st year of writing a weekly column on personal finance published in several newspapers, produces a weekly podcast, “Financial Therapy-It’s not just about the money,” and is a co-author or contributor to seven books including Coupleship Inc. – From Financial Conflict to Financial Intimacy, Facilitating Financial Health, and The Psychology of Financial Planning.


Julie Wilson, CPA, is helping clients blaze new trails to financial independence through her brand, Namaste’ CPA. She has 16 years of experience working with individuals and small business owners to navigate the complexities of taxes and accounting. She has served as an adjunct professor of accounting at the University of Arkansas and is a 200 RYT certified yoga instructor from Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Arts and Shamanism. With her disparate interests and an intense desire for authentic expression, she could not thrive in the traditional accounting world, so she created her own path. Her unique gifts include dissecting complex financial topics into easily digestible bits and holding a compassionate space for processing the emotions that arise around money. She empowers and guides clients to a holistic financial ecosystem that supports them in living their best lives. 


Please see below to reference the schedule for the FTA 2024 Conference. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. All times are listed in Pacific Time (PDT).


Thursday, May 16

8:00 am – 5:30 pm | Registration
Regency Foyer

9:00 am – 12:00 pm | PreConference (seperate registration, see information above)

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm | President’s Opening Welcome
La Jolla Ballroom

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm | Break
Regency Foyer

2:45 pm – 3:45 pm | Case Study Part 1: Saundra and Kristy facilitated discussion Future of FTA
La Jolla Ballroom

4:00 pm – 4:15 pm | Break
Regency Foyer

4:15 pm – 5:05 pm  | Breakout Sessions

  • Treating Financial Trauma with EMDR – Elizabeth Sterbenz, M.A., LMFT, CFT-I
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Torey Pines
  • Disentangling Power Dynamics: Balancing the Power with Critical ConsciousnessSarah Carr, CFP®, CFT-I®
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Pacific Beach
  • Financial Therapy 101: Elevating Skills to Enhance the Working Alliance – Kristy Archuleta, Ph.D., Christine Hargove, Ben Hampton, Jamie Lynn Byram, Megan Ford, John Grable
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Solana Beach

5:15 pm – 6:30 pm | Welcome Reception with Exhibitors
The Terrace

5:15 pm | First Timers Chat

Friday, May 17

7:00 am – 6:00 pm | Registration
Regency Foyer

7:00 am – 7:20 pm | Mindfulness – Saundra Davis
Del Mar Foyer

8:00 am – 9:00 am | Breakfast and Case Study Part 2
La Jolla Ballroom

9:00 am – 9:50 am | Breakouts

  • Healing Across Financial Borders: Addressing Financial Trauma Through Culturally Informed Financial TherapyDr Alex Melkumian, PsyD, Rahkim Sabree, AFC®
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour ETHICS AFCPE
    Torey Pines
  • Financial Bandwagon Effect: Why and What Are You Acculturated – Wookjae Heo, Ph.D., Yi Liu, Hye Jun Park
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Pacific Beach
  • Preparing Couples for Parenting: An Introduction to Tools that Mitigate Financial Stress and Improve Couple’s Communication – Katie G Dow, MSFP, CFBS and Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC®, CFT-I™
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Solana Beach

9:50 am – 10:00 am | Break
Regency Foyer

10:00 am – 10:50 am | Breakouts

  • Intersession communication and the impact on trust mediated by financial anxiety – Megan McCoy, Ashlyn Rollins-Koon
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Torey Pines
  • Breaking the Bank or Breaking with Tradition? Navigating Cultural Expectations in Financial IndependenceJohn W. Lee, Ph.D., C.Psych., Amelia Vlashi
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Pacific Beach
  • The Art of Listening – Bridging the Diversity Gap – Simi Mandelbaum, CFT-I, AFC, FBS
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour ETHICS AFCPE
    Solana Beach

10:50 am – 11:00 am | Break
Regency Foyer

11:00 am – 12:00 pm | Keynote: Moira Somers

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm | FTA Board Luncheon

1:30 pm – 1:45 pm Break
Regency Foyer

1:45 pm – 2:15 pm Poster Presentations
Regency Foyer

2:15 pm – 3:05 pm | Breakouts

  • Seeing Financial Therapy in 3D (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia)Robin Raniero Norris, PhD, LMFT
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Torey Pines
  • The impact of culture on money attitudes: Understanding honor, face, dignity, and their relation to money scriptsTravis Sholin
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Pacific Beach
  • Breaking Barriers with Online Financial TherapyPrince Kwasi Sarpong
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE 
    Solana Beach

3:05 pm – 4:05 pm | E&I Roundtable: Culturally Incompetent: Repairing Ruptures in Client Relationships
La Jolla Ballroom

4:05 pm – 4:15 pm Break
Regency Foyer

4:15 pm – 5:05 pm | Breakouts

  • Embracing Childfree people – what happens when you never have kids?Jay Zigmont, PhD, MBA, CFP®
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Torey Pines
  • Current Global Perspectives on Attachment Theory: Practice Implications For Financial TherapyEd Coambs
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Pacific Beach
  • Dealing with Cultural And Generational Differences in Financial therapy with an IFS Lens – Tara Tussing Unverzagt, BS(CS), MB
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Solana Beach

5:05 pm – 5:30 pm | Awards Ceremony

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm | Cash Bar Reception with Exhibitors & Awards Celebration

Saturday, May 18

7:00 am – 12:00 pm | Registration
Regency Foyer

7:00 am – 7:20 pm | Mindfulness – Saundra Davis
Del Mar Foyer

8:00 am – 9:30 am | Breakfast and Plenary Panel-Practicing Ubuntu: Perspectives from Across the Pond moderated by Saundra Davis Panelists: Shilpa Gole and Chris Budd
La Jolla Ballroom

9:30 am – 9:40 am  | Break
Regency Foyer

9:40 am – 10:30 am | Breakouts

  • An Examination of the KMSI-R Using a Diverse Sample – Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC®, CFT-I; Miranda Reiter, Ph.D. CFP; Kimberly Watkins, Ph.D.; Kenneth White, Ph.D.; Dee Warmath, Ph.D.
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Torey Pines
  • Reframing Financial Discipline: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Latino Financial WellnessJasmine Ramirez
    1 hour CFP®, 1 hour AFCPE
    Pacific Beach

10:30 am – 10:40 am  | Break
Regency Foyer

10:40 am – 12:00 pm | Case Study Part 2: Saundra and Kristy facilitated discussion Future of FTA
La Jolla Ballroom

12:00 pm | Closing 

1:00 pm | Post Conference Offsite Event – Join your colleagues for an afternoon at the San Diego Zoo. Luggage storage is available (small $10 each, medium $12 each and large $15 each). 

Keynote Speakers

Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Moira Somers is a psychologist, family wealth consultant and executive coach. She specializes in the psychology of money. She addresses matters that range from the highly personal concerns of individuals and families all the way up to broader service, design and structural issues affecting financial follow-through and equitable access to capital.  Although Canada is her home, her client base is international.

Dr. Somers is a faculty member at the Ultra High Net Worth Institute and at the Sudden Money Institute. She leads the Financial Psychology Special Interest Group for the American Psychological Association. She is a featured guest and writer for many financial advising / family office podcasts and publications.

Her book, Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice that People Will Follow, has become an international bestseller. It tackles, head-on, the problem of unimplemented financial advice. It has been adopted as an authoritative guidebook by such diverse groups as postsecondary institutions, private firms specializing in Ultra Hight Net Worth clients, and credit counselling agencies.

Antonio Harrison, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Dr. Antonio Harrison is a BCBA-D and much of his work focuses on Health, Sports, and Fitness, Leadership & Diversity, OBM, and Self-Management. He is a graduate school professor, invited speaker, is a fitness coach in a Virtual Reality fitness app, and has coached varsity high school football for the past decade. Dr. Harrison is a husband and father of 3 boys in Pasadena, CA.

Preview Antonio's Presentation

Gayle Knight Colman


Gayle Colman is one the country’s leading experts in personal finances through her innovative work in Integral Wealth Advisory Services and the creator of Somatic Finance®. She is a coach, writer, entrepreneur, and financial planner with 40 years of professional experience and the author of The Body of Money: A Self Help Guide to Creating Sustainable Wealth through Innate Intelligence.

Gayle’s holistic approach to wealth advisement champions not just exterior financial health, but also the interior aspects of money mastery: beliefs, patterns, desires, family-of-origin stories. Her unique blend of experience and training guides clients from confusion to refreshing clarity, integrating inner values with real-world practicality.

Tapping into decades of training and practice developing the field of Somatic Finance®, Gayle’s unique meditative and embodiment practices demystify our money woes, tend to wounds created by generational trauma, and put financial agency squarely back in our own hands, creating clarity and confidence around our choices rather than overwhelm.

Along with certifications as a CFP® and Master Integral Coach®, Gayle is a Big Leap Coach through the Hendricks Institute and a Certified Teacher in the Gateless methodology. She is co-founder of Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC, a holistic and integral wealth advisory firm based in Massachusetts.

Saundra Davis

All of Me: BEing MySELF
Saundra Davis Headshot

Saundra Davis is a US Navy veteran, financial coach, educator, and consultant who is nationally recognized as the leading expert in the financial coaching field.  Ms. Davis is the founder and Executive Director of Sage Financial Solutions, a San Francisco Bay area based nonprofit organization where she developed and facilitates the Financial Fitness Coach (FFC®) certification, training more than 2,500 professionals over the past 15 years. 


Saundra is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), a Financial Behavior Specialist (FBS®), and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  She is a founding member, and currently serves on the board of directors, of the Financial Therapy Association.  Saundra holds a B.S. in Management and an M.S. in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University where she is the Director of Financial Planning Programs. 

Before you say goodbye, come join a post-conference hangout and networking event at Charlotte’s U.S. National White Water Center. It is a one-of-a-kind recreation center full of whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, zip lining, and so much more. Not so adventurous, enjoy a quiet walk in the woods, or enjoy a meal with a view. 
Anybody that would like to come we will be meeting at 1 pm in front of the Main Entrance. 
The U.S. National Whitewater Center is 15 minutes from the airport. 

FTA 2023 Conference – Charlotte, NC – October 5th-7th

  • Thursday, Oct 5: Opening Reception with Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Friday, Oct 6: Breakout Sessions
  • Saturday, Oct 7: Closing & Breakout Sessions

Continuing Education


CFP® CEs – most sessions approved, please see full schedule. 

NBCC CEs – most sessions approved, please see full schedule. 


Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine


Conference sessions will be held at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine.

A conference room block has been established at a discounted rate of $229  per night single/double – $254 per night triple. Reservations must be made by April 17, 2024, to receive the conference rate. *PLEASE NOTE: There will be a destination fee listed on the reservation page, but this is waived for our event. attendee reservations.  

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Please see below to reference the schedule for the FTA 2022 Conference. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. All times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

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