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Money and Betrayal: Perceptions of Alimony Fairness in Cases of Infidelity

September 1, 2023 l 1 PM ET

This webinar discusses the results from a study gathering public perception on alimony (spousal support) in cases where there is an affair.

Continuing Education: 1 hour CFT & 1 hour CFP® 


Dr. Michael Kothakota

Dr. Michael Kothakota has been a financial planning practitioner for over 18 years. He currently serves as Head of Research at CFP Board and as CEO of WolfBridge Wealth, a Registered Investment Advisor firm. As a researcher and innovator, he operates and conducts research at the intersection of technology and the psychology of financial planning. Dr. Kothakota has consulted for financial technology firms and has developed behavioral models to assist with the delivery of financial planning services via technology platforms. He is an experienced instructor and teaches at Columbia University as well as New York University and Kansas State University. Dr. Kothakota received his Master’s in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and his Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University.

Saundra Davis, MSFP, APFC®, FBS®, CSC | Sage Financial Solutions

Joe Burhmann CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®| Senior Financial Planning Consultant |eMoney Advisor

Emily Koochel, Ph.D., CFT-I™, AFC® | Senior Financial Planning Education Consultant | eMoney Advisor

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Financially Empowering Widows

October 2, 2020 at 1PM EST

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Maslow’s Motivational Theory Applied Toward Self Actualization of Wealth In the Black Community

April 1, 2022 l 1 PM ET

Speaker: Anita R. Johnson, Financial Behaviorist

This webinar will examine all the financial conflicts experienced in the Black community and equip Financial Therapist and Planners with the tools needed to assist those historically and presently struggling to move forward from the physiological obstacles camouflaged by the basic needs in life, such as breathing, food, water to the following four levels of Maslow’s pyramid until self-actualization is realized.

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