Navigating the Financial Sail Boat: Harnessing Inner Work and Self-Reflection for Sustainable and Meaningful Financial Charge

Friday, October 6 | 10:00 am – 10:50 am | Providence 3

This presentation offers an engaging exploration of the profound role of inner work and self-reflection in navigating the intricate landscape of our financial lives. Using principles from human behaviour change, financial and positive psychology, this experiential session combines theory with practice to foster a deep understanding of these concepts.

By integrating the Sail Boat Analogy developed by Dr. Hugo Albert into the realm of financial lives, we uncover the transformative power of reflection in embracing our whole selves. This comprehensive approach encourages a holistic perspective, paving the way for meaningful and enduring change in our financial well-being and overall identity.

Shaun Maslyk

As a trained and practicing Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®, Shaun integrates psychology, positive psychology, and coaching psychology theories to awaken our money stories and flourish beyond our finances.

Shaun is studying and researching the relationship between money, behavioural change, psychology, and human flourishing at the University of East London.

Shaun has developed an innovative online program that enables individuals to delve into their personal relationships with money, accompanied by the creation of a bespoke song that captures their unique narrative.

Shaun hosts The Most Hated F-Word podcast, where he interviews practitioners, academics, artists and creators on what it means to have a happy, healthy and thriving relationship with money.