Find Your Financial Nature - Seeing

Friday, October 6 | 1:30 pm – 2:20 pm | Providence 2

Find Your Financial NatureTM is a powerful tool for my financial planning practice and the group financial literacy program Currency Camp. Our quick assessment allows us to know how a person is wired to trade time, energy, words and money. By understanding the tendencies of these 21 types we can help each client know how to have the kind of relationship they want with the world. We target our advice and more accurately communicate in a way that’s motivating. By knowing OUR type we can stay alert to how our own nature influences client relationships. Evolve with Your MoneyTM

Thomas O Shepard, CFP

After a brief (very brief) career in the aeropspace industry Tom found his way to and has worked in finance for over 28 years. He both attended and taught at the Institute for Civic Leadership, and produced writings and drawings on the Seven Levels of Sustainable Nonprofits. He serves as the treasurer for Sea Change, a trauma informed Yoga organization in Portland Maine. He taught personal finance and mathematics at Gould Academy, and is an avid speaker. Now, he leads Shepard FINANCIAL, a comprehensive financial planning and personalized investment management group, as well as Currency Camp, which offers financial literacy training to groups and individuals. Tom is wired to help (LEVER) and motivated to PURSUE new opportunities. He is happiest when helping others answer the questions Who am I? Where am I? Where are we going? His core belief is we are wired to need each other. He’s a visual learner and has great love for people of all types. Favorite quote “We are most nearly ourselves when weachieve the seriousness of play.” – Heraclitus

In addition to his work in the finance world, Tom is an avid lacrosse player and skier. He lives with his family in Cumberland, Maine.