Measuring Financial Conflict: A New Tool for Couples in Financial Therapy

Friday, October 6 | 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm | Providence 3

Conflict surrounding financial matters is not only a common occurrence for couples, but also one that if persistent and enduring, can lead to negative relational outcomes, including reduced relationship stability and divorce. Yet, valid assessment tools for the purposes of measuring couples’ financial conflict are scarce. This presentation introduces a newly developed measurement, the Couple Financial Conflict Scale (CFCS). The CFCS is a brief, eight-item scale which is designed to assess the presence and frequency of self-reported financial conflict in intimate partner relationships.

Megan Ford, Ph.D, LMFT

Dr. Megan Ford, Ph.D., LMFT is an Academic Professional Associate and Director of the ASPIRE Clinic in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia. She also serves as Assistant to the Dean for Applied Interdisciplinary Programs. She is a past President of the Financial Therapy Association (FTA), has co-authored a textbook, The Fundamentals of Writing a Financial Plan, and published several peer-reviewed articles, including her own financial therapy model, the Ford Financial Empowerment Model (FFEM). Her research interests center on the dynamics of couples, including financial conflict and financial intimacy.