All's Fair in Love and Chores: Examining Relational and Psychological Dynamics When Women Make More than Men

Friday, October 6 | 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm | Providence 1

Despite significant shifts in the equity of the labor market over the past several decades as women increasingly work and earn more, there still exists considerable disparity of the gender pay gap and the division of household labor. Even when women make more than their male counterparts in a relationship, they are burdened with greater responsibility within the home. The current presentation examines the bigger picture of inequity within the workplace and home. Through a feminist financial therapy lens, the authors will discuss strategies to increase financial transparency and role equity. Attention to ethical and professional implications will be given.

Dr. D. Bruce Ross, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Ross, Ph.D., AFC®, CFT-I™ serves as an Assistant Professor and the Program Director for the Family Financial Counseling undergraduate program in the Family Sciences Department at the University of Kentucky. He teaches undergraduate courses in personal finance and financial counseling, as well as graduate level courses in family sciences and financial therapy. Dr. Ross also served as the 2020 President of the Financial Therapy Association and is currently on the Executive Board. He is also a co-host on the podcast, Modern Husbands. Dr. Ross’ professional, teaching, and research interests primarily focus on personal and family financial well-being. He uses the systemic practice of financial therapy to better serve families from a holistic perspective.

Additional Authors

  • Megan McCoy
  • Brian Page