Financial Anxiety and Intergenerational Transfers: Impacts of Gifts and Inheritances on Financial Well-Being

Saturday, October 7 | 10:00 am – 10:50 am | Providence 2

Intergenerational transfers of wealth can provide a way by which individuals can help to alleviate a sense of stress through both a monetary resource as well as a sense of family support. The purpose of this study was to explore how intergenerational wealth transfers can impact financial anxiety and financial stress when facing financial strain. Specifically, the current study aimed to address the question of whether financial strain (i.e., stressors), intergenerational wealth transfers, financial anxiety, and financial stress are associated using the ABC-X model of stress.

Dr. Kristy Archuleta, Ph.D.

Kristy L. Archuleta, Ph.D., LMFT, CFT-I™ is a Professor in the Financial Planning program at the University of Georgia. She holds the Betsy Barnard Sages Endowed Professorship for Financial Therapy and Financial Planning. Prior to joining the UGA faculty, she was an Associate Professor and Director of the Personal Financial Planning program at Kansas State University. She is a co-founder of the Financial Therapy Association, the Journal of Financial Therapy, the nation’s first academic program in financial therapy, and Women Managing the Farm. Dr. Archuleta has garnered national and international attention as a speaker and author who has published numerous scholarly articles and co-edited two books on topics related to financial planning, financial therapy, financial counseling, and mental health. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, NAFPA’s Consumer Education Foundation, the European Financial Psychology Institute, the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute, and two editorial review boards. She is commonly featured in podcasts and major news media outlets, such as the New York TimesInvestment News, and CNBC, to name a few, and has won awards for her cutting-edge research. Dr. Archuleta is also a recipient of the Kansas State University College of Human Ecology Myers-Alford Outstanding Teaching Award and the Oklahoma State University College of Human Sciences Distinguished Alumna Award.

Additional Authors

  • Timothy Todd
  • Kenneth John White, Jr, Ph.D.