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Allen is a CFT-I™ Professional, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and a licensed CPA. She began her career at Arthur Andersen specializing in taxation for organizations and high-wealth individuals. However, an internal project in change management at Accenture led her to research organizational behavior and entrepreneurship and, ultimately, to build her own business. For a decade, that kept her busy managing all aspects of marketing, sales, manufacturing, logistics, accounting, and recruiting.
At the same time, she was mom and primary home educator for her three girls. When her girls were ready, with their ability to reason firmly founded and their creativity intact, they transitioned to a traditional school where Allen served in a volunteer capacity in the office of Advancement. In that role, she was a founding member of the Planned Giving Council, where she worked with a panel of eleven other professionals alongside the Head of School and Chancellor, to secure funds for the school endowment and provide access to wise, long-term financial planning.
Several years ago, a life transition stirred a desire in her to serve people in transition through financial life planning. Today she works with clients to answer two questions – How much is enough? and What does my best life look like? Answering the first question is traditional financial planning. Answering the second is powerful. Aligning the two can be transformational.
In her spare time, she is a dedicated distance runner, completing her first marathon in 2020, but the half marathon remains her favorite distance. Allen knows the value of training with intention, and she has found the best way to weather the storms of life is by careful coaching and planning to align your resources with your heart goals to provide some peace in the midst of change. That is her passion.
Allen balances her life by laughing with her girls, playing with her pups, running, reading, enjoying good coffee, watching too many documentaries, learning new things, and finding beauty in the world.

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Coaching, Therapy, Financial Planning, Accounting, Estate Planning

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Certified Financial Therapist Level I - CFT-I™

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Certified Financial Planner, Certified Public Accountant


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