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Issues and needs

Relationships/Family, Family conflict

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Anne Brennan Malec is a licensed clinical psychologist and a marriage and family therapist, and the managing partner at Symmetry Counseling in Chicago‚ Illinois. In her work with individuals and couples, Anne is adept at encouraging clients to explore how their finances affect their emotional health and well-being through discussions about budgets, financial values, and core beliefs about money and spending. Research indicates that good financial health is important to reducing stress and increasing family stability and satisfaction; yet many therapists hesitate to address clients' financial picture directly and with clarity. Anne's background in accounting combined with her pragmatic and solution-focused therapeutic approach enables her to address financial concerns frankly while providing valuable tools and strategies for improving fiscal health. Clients are able to address complex emotions and anxieties that frequently manifest when families encounter stress related to job loss, bankruptcy, illness, death, gambling, and other experiences in addition to generating a plan for long-term planning and management. Anne's first book: Marriage in Modern Life: Why it Works, When it Works was published in 2015. Professional Services Clinical Psychologist, Marriage and Family therapist, Financial Therapist/Coach, Life Coach Education Villanova University, B.S in Accountancy Depaul University, M.A. Liberal Studies Northwestern University, M.S. Marital and Family Therapy Chicago School of Professional Psychology, PsyD in Clinical Psychology I provide services via an internet video platform to individuals in Illinois and Virginia only.

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Issues and needs

Relationships/Family, Family conflict

Occupational specialties






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Virtual, Telehealth



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Illinois, Virginia

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Hourly - Accept US insurance

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Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Chartered Financial Analyst


PhD in Mental Health, Graduate Certificate in Financial Therapy

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