Cécile Lyons, PhD
Cécile Lyons, PhD
Cécile Lyons, PhD

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21 East Carrillo Street Suite 120 Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Issues and needs

Relationships/Family, Family conflict

Occupational specialties

Business Owners, Family Businesses


When the thought of money comes to mind, what feelings follow? Are you energized, notice a sense of security and satisfaction? Or, maybe anxiety, resistance, envy, or depression surface. Money pervades our lives on many levels—symbolic as well as pragmatic. A person’s relationship to money and beliefs about the implications of financial status are foundational to behaviors that enhance or undermine our efforts to realize good fortune and develop magnanimity. As a psychologist, I provide financial therapy to relieve anxiety around money matters and build capacity for thoughtful conversations about finances, as well as for informed management of personal fiscal issues. Exploring lifetime experiences with money and related beliefs have led many to enhanced achievement, improved interpersonal relationships, and a deeper sense of security. Consulting, counseling, seminars, and educational speeches are available for individuals, couples, and groups.

Services Offered: Professional Services Licensed Clinical Psychologist Financial Therapist Certified Financial Coach(CMC) Adjunct Faculty Antioch University

Typical Client Profile: 50’s and above; Retired; $50,000 - $5,000,000.

Education: Stanford BA & MA Pacific School of Religion MA San Francisco Theological Seminary Diploma of Spiritual Direction Pacifica Graduate Institute PHD Clinical Psychology

Research Interests: Neutralizing the emotional content of financial behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that sabotage wellbeing of the individual, couple, and family."

Professional Specialty Areas

Issues and needs

Relationships/Family, Family conflict

Occupational specialties

Business Owners, Family Businesses






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Mental health

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In person



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Coaching, Therapy

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Hourly - Do not accept insurance

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Doctor of Psychology

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PhD in Mental Health

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