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Haylie Castillo
Castillo Financial Therapy, Inc.
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2721 SW Trenton St #47261, Seattle, WA 98126

Issues and needs

Compulsive spending, Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQ2, Stress, Financial secrets

Occupational specialties

Business Owners, Therapists


Hi! I’m Haylie (she/her). My mission is to help people heal their relationship with money so that they can create the life they truly want to live. I am passionate about helping people reclaim freedom and agency over their lives, and I believe a crucial part of that is having a healthy relationship with money.

As a financial therapist, I help people work through their financial trauma and shift their negative emotions around money. I support them in building a healthy relationship with money by relearning how to have a healthy relationship with themselves. We work together to redefine their concept of success, and identify financial goals that align with their values.

My clients long to experience freedom and agency in their lives, and their relationship with money is the one area that they haven’t been able to figure out. Many of them have financial trauma holding them back from chasing their dreams. Our families, communities, and society at large hand us a lot of default beliefs about money and success, but these default beliefs no longer work for my clients. You may have looked into personal finance, but whether it’s impulsive spending, avoiding your bank statements, or grappling with indecisiveness, you still find yourself struggling and secretly wonder if you’ll ever feel good about money. Trying to navigate the complicated, overwhelming feelings of depression, shame, anger, or anxiety around money is exhausting.

As both a financial coach and trained psychotherapist, I offer a unique experience to those who work with me. First, we will work together to define your beliefs about money and develop a healthy relationship with money. I provide a shame-free space to work through your emotions and psychology around money, and I will help you cultivate a healthy, positive money mindset. Then, through personalized financial education and coaching, I will help you create a money practice that is realistic and aligned with your values and goals. My clients end their work with me feeling at ease with their finances and with the confidence and clarity to use money as a tool to build the life they want.

You deserve to have a relationship with money that gives you confidence and joy. You can have a relationship with money that is peaceful, empowering, and allows you to chase your dreams. If this is you, schedule your free consultation and let’s chat!

Professional Specialty Areas

Issues and needs

Compulsive spending, Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQ2, Stress, Financial secrets

Occupational specialties

Business Owners, Therapists






Heterosexual/Straight, LGBTQ+, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual

Racial Identities

About the Practitioner

Primary Professional Orientation

Mental health

Delivery Method

Virtual, Telehealth


Service Area


Type of Service

Coaching, Therapy

Practitioner Gender


Fee Structure

Flat fee, Hourly

Practitioner Designations and Qualifications

Financial Therapy Designations

Certified Financial Therapist Level I - CFT-I™

Mental Health Designations

Licensed Social Worker

Financial Designations


Masters in Mental Health

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