Leaving Legacies: Family Wealth Transfer Conflict and Contextual Family Therapy

Thursday, October 5 | 4:30 pm – 5:20 pm | Providence 1

The benefits of transfers of wealth within families are apparent. However, these transfers can also be associated with great conflict. This is an important topic that mental health and financial professionals need to be prepared for in their client work. In this presentation, we will introduce contextual family therapy as an approach that professionals can utilize to address this issue. We will provide tools and strategies that can be used with clients anticipating or experiencing this conflict in their families. 

Benjamin Hampton, CFP

Ben is a Ph.D. student and graduate teaching assistant in the financial planning program at the University of Georgia. Before starting his doctoral studies, he worked as a financial planner for high-net worth individuals and families in Atlanta for seven years. His research interests center around the financial, psychological, and relational aspects of well-being for retirees. He has presented his research at the American Council on Consumer Interests conference, and his personal finance commentary has been featured by WalletHub. Ben was a recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award from the University of Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning.  

Additional Authors:

  • Dr. Kristy Archuleta, PhD