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DataPoints provides financial professionals with behavioral assessments to help clients understand their financial competencies. Our assessments, based on the research from The Millionaire Next Door, provide a science-based framework for identifying and enhancing money-related habits. Our powerful analytics provide personalized insights into patterns of financial behaviors, money-related attitudes, and characteristics that impact saving, spending, investing and advising outcomes. Through assessment and reporting capabilities, DataPoints empowers individuals and the professionals who work with them to succeed in the behavioral side of financial management.
Financial DNA is a proprietary solution for comprehensively and reliably discovering all dimensions of a client’s financial personality for making life and financial decisions based on extensive behavioral finance research. The end result is an improved goals-based financial plan for clients.The objective of using the Financial DNA Discovery Process is to help advisors and investor clients determine what life and financial decisions should be made by closing the behavioral management gap that exists between who they are, what they do and what they have. Further, the process provides a highly structured and tangible framework for delivering services and behaviorally managing the client on an ongoing basis.
Right Capital is a leading provider of financial planning software, with innovative features that help create value for financial planners and their clients.
TherapyNotes™ is online EHR, practice management, and billing software designed for mental health professionals, that integrates all aspects of a therapy practice to help improve patient care. Person‑centered documentation, searchable diagnoses, and more time in‑session helps provide clients with the care they deserve.
Money Habitudes products help people talk about money, understand spending habits and find their money personality. Used in financial education classes, counseling, therapy, financial planning and career coaching settings, the cards are both a money personality test and a conversation starter for finances. Designed to be fun and non-threatening, they're used like money management games. The cards and financial curriculum materials and guides are available in different versions for adults, young adults and teens. The cards are also available in Spanish.
There’s a lot of advice out there about how to learn more, achieve more, and be more productive. But there’s one thing you’re not hearing about — how to manage your mental energy and use your natural strengths. That’s where Kolbe Corp comes in. Kolbe knows how you and your team naturally get things done and gives you immediate, actionable advice to achieve your goals. It all starts with you taking the Kolbe A™ Index assessment. You’ll only need about 15 minutes and you’ll get a 4-number result that will provide the tools and wisdom for you to be less stressed and more productive. For example, you may be the type of person who needs a lot of information and data to make a decision, or you might need bullet points and simple facts to get going. Kolbe knows this about you and can help you manage how you handle information in your life. Maybe you’re the type of person who needs structure and naturally builds systems. Or, you might be the type to always look for shortcuts and ways to change up how things are done. Kolbe knows this, too and can help you finally get things done on time. Here’s the thing — everybody has natural strengths, and right now those strengths may be the only constant in your life. Kolbe can help you put those instincts to work by building better relationships with the people around you and helping you to find the freedom to be yourself.
AdvisorStream is the highest-rated marketing platform for enterprises and financial advisors that is fully partnered with the world’s most credible and trusted publishers. The award-winning platform helps financial firms and advisors engage investors through timely, personalized and compliant communications. As an omni-channel marketing service, AdvisorStream delivers the highest-quality and up-to-date article, commentary, video and infographic content through newsletters, social media, emails, websites, and client portals. Every year, AdvisorStream delivers hundreds of millions of communications materials on behalf of its vast network of financial advisors.
Wealthtender believes everyone deserves help with money matters from someone they can trust, no matter their income or stage of life. We connect people with the best financial professionals, educators and resources determined by their individual needs, not their zip code. Our modern community of financial advisors, coaches and educators understand the world has changed and know the power of digital marketing to grow their business. With opportunities to be quoted in articles and recognized for their education and relevant experience, financial professionals on Wealthtender are more likely to attract their ideal clients. Wealthtender reaches thousands of people each month who visit, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

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